MEng Requirements & Course Load

MEng Requirements

  • 10 half-credit (H) graduate-level courses* in total, including:
  • Of the courses chosen above:
    • No more than 3 can be 500-level courses
    • No more than 4 can be non-technical courses

*All courses must be successfully completed  (i.e., courses with a grade of FZ, WDR, or IPR do not count towards your MEng requirements)
**Must complete departmental Safety Training (CHE2222H) before starting the project

NEW: Check whether your MEng requirements are complete, or determine what else you need to take to complete your degree, with our MEng Program Completion Checklist.

Technical and Non-Technical Courses

Courses can be categorized as either technical or non-technical. All graduate-level CHE courses are technical (unless assessed as “Not for credit**” in the technical/non-technical course list). MEng students are welcome to attend Lectures at the Leading Edge (CHE3001H), but it cannot be taken for credit. CHE1102H is a course for MASc and PhD students only and cannot be counted as one of the courses in the MEng.

A list of courses previously assessed as technical or non-technical is available here.


Course Load

The table below shows the normal course loads and time limits for the MEng program:

MEng ProgramProgram LengthTime Limit for CompletionNormal Course Load
Full-time3 sessions3 years4 courses in Fall (3 technical, 1 non-technical)
4 courses in Winter (3 technical, 1 non-technical)
2 courses in Summer (2 non-technical)
Extended full-time6 sessions3 years6 courses/year (maximum 3/session)
Part-time9 sessions6 years1-4 courses/year (maximum 2/session)