Unit Ops 2.0

Exciting changes are coming to Unit Ops!

The Unit Operations (Unit Ops) Lab has been the cornerstone of undergraduate training in Chemical Engineering at the University of Toronto for over 70 years – and one of the most memorable parts of our students’ experience.

Unit Ops distillation

Nothing compares to the experience of operating a two-story distillation column or a large-scale leaching process for the very first time.

Every year, more than 200 students gain the career-readiness and confidence that can only come from applying theoretical principles of heat transfer, separations, fluids, reactors and controls to real-world systems.

While computer simulations of industrial processes have become the norm at many schools, Chemical Engineering at U of T still offers essential hands-on experiential learning using industrial-scale equipment in this unique facility.

A new stage in undergraduate education

A large, exciting project is underway to fully modernize the Unit Ops Lab and create state-of-the-art Integrated Chemical Engineering (ICE) experiments to reflect the complexity of industry and provide students with training that is directly relevant to their future careers. This project continues the long tradition of delivering leading-edge teaching in this one-of-a-kind lab.

Unit Ops ICE

See the changes currently underway as we expand the lab and introduce new ICE experiments and equipment that will add a new dimension to the Unit Ops Lab.

Learn more about the history of the lab and see photos dating back to 1949.

Have your own fond memories of your time in the Unit Ops lab?  Share your stories or photos through our U of T Chemical Engineering Alumni LinkedIn group or contact external.chemeng@utoronto.ca.

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