BioZone Mass Spectrometry User meeting

February 26, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Medical Sciences Building 2158
1 King's College Circle

BioZone’s Mass Spectrometry Facility is holding our annual meeting for current and future users. The aims of this meeting are:

  1. To provide users with information on techniques and advancements in the field of Mass Spectrometry
  2. To determine the sample prep techniques and analysis tools our users are interested in having access to.

Tentative Agenda:

12:00pm – Pizza Lunch (Location to be announced)

01:00pm – Registration

01:05pm – Welcome and Introductions –

01:10pm – Keynote Address 1 – Dr. Elodie Passeport (University of Toronto)

02:20pm – Keynote Address 2 – Dr. Michael Phillips (University of Toronto)

03:30pm – User Results

04:00pm – End of Meeting


Register for the meeting HERE.