Designing SAG Mills That Work As Intended

November 26, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Lassonde Mining Building MB 500
170 College St
Toronto, ON M5T 1P7

Learn how to design SAG and AG mill grinding circuits using only SAGDesign technology and test work.  This method is the most accurate, fastest to complete, and lowest total cost of any design method available.  This lecture will present details on the theory and application of the SAGDesign SAG test, the following Bond BM Wi test on SAG ground ore, and will include the calculation methods that allow any engineer to convert lab test work results and project design specifications, into the actual mill sizes with motors suitable to do the grinding work required.

John Starkey, P. Eng., BASc. in Mining Engineering, University of Toronto, 6T1

  • 16 years in operations, Kam Kotia, ORF SAG Pilot Plant, Kidd Creek, INCO mills and mines
  • 12 years in mill engineering design at Kilborn Limited in Toronto, 1977 – 1989
  • 29 years as a Designated Consulting Engineer
  • Invented and co-developed the SPI and SAGDesign tests for measuring ore hardness.
  • Frequent lecturer at universites world wide teaching the fundamentals of SAG mill design.