Green Chemistry Initiative Online Seminar Series: Dr. Pavani Cherukupally

April 22, 2021 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

The Green Chemistry Initiative is hosting Dr. Pavani Cherukupally from Imperial College London as part of its online Seminar Series on Thursday, April 22 from 10-11 am. Dr. Cherukupally’s talk is titled: Sponges for wastewater reclamation, resource recovery, and infectious disease prevention.

Abstract: According to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, there is a need for affordable, sustainable technologies to combat global water, environmental, and public health challenges. For example, the international oil industry produces over 100 billion liters of oil contaminated wastewater annually. The residual crude oil in these effluents is hazardous to the environment and valuable crude oil loss. On the other hand, antibiotic-resistant bacteria are estimated to cause 10 million deaths and $100 trillion in medical costs per year by 2050. In this talk, I will discuss a new sponge-based adsorption technology used to reclaim oily wastewater, reuse sponges, and recover residual crude oil from wastewater to improve circular economy metrics in the oil industry. Also, I will discuss sponges’ design for removing and killing bacteria in the water to provide safe water in medium- and low-income countries like Rwanda. Due to the excellent performance and cost-efficacy, the sponges could contribute to reforming water policies and accessible to people across the world.

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