LLE: Rheology to the Rescue: Problems in Bio-adhesion and Bio-friction (updated title)

March 31, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
BB Collaborate
Amanda Hacio

This lecture was formerly titled Lubricin: Alleviating the Effects of Dry Eye. 

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Dry eye is an affliction where the tear film of the eye is unable to protect the cornea epithelium. One suspected cause of this condition is a deficiency of mucin, a protein that is thought to enhance wettability and reduce friction experienced during blinking. We report on the development of a model for mucin deficient dry eye and an investigation of the ability of lubricin, a heavily glycosylated protein, to restore lubricity and low friction during simulated blink events.


""Gerald Fuller is the Fletcher Jones Professor of Chemical Engineering at Stanford University. He joined Stanford in 1980 following his graduate work at Caltech where he acquired his MS and PhD degrees. His undergraduate education was obtained at the University of Calgary, Canada. Professor Fuller’s interests lie in studies of rheology and interfacial fluid mechanics. His work has been recognized by receipt of the Bingham Medal of The Society of Rheology, membership in the National Academy of Engineering, election to the American Academy of Arts and Science, and honorary doctorates from the Universities of Crete, Greece, and Leuven, Belgium. He presently serves as the General Secretary to the International Committee on Rheology.

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