MASc Reading Committee

MASc reading committee is established to ensure the adequate progress of a candidate in their program.  Each candidate, in consultation with their research supervisor, must establish a Reading Committee in the first 6-months of their program. The Reading Committee meeting will take place within the first 9 months of the program. In addition to the regular consultation between candidate and supervisor, the candidate can seek advice from the committee member and other professors throughout their program. Typically, the Reading Committee meets once in the whole program.

Reading Committee Membership

The supervisor and candidate work together at the beginning of the program to select the Reading Committee membership, which must be comprised of:

  • the supervisor(s)
  • one other faculty member who must hold their primary appointment at ChemE

Reading Committee Meetings

The student must email to the Graduate Assistant at least one week (5 business days) prior to the meeting date, the following information:

  • Names of Committee Members
  • Date, Time and Location of Meeting

A meeting room can be booked by contacting the Graduate Office. Please visit Room & Equipment Bookings for details.

Progress Reports and Conduct of Reading Committee Meetings

Before the meeting the student must submit the following to their committee:

The written progress report is typically 1-2 page in length, but may be longer if required by the supervisor or committee. The report will include:

  • Rationale for the project
  • The research objectives
  • A summary of the student’s progress to date

On the basis of the progress report, the committee will evaluate the student’s performance to date and make any necessary recommendations regarding modifications to the research plan or emphasis of the work.

The committee’s assessment will be summarized and communicated to the student.  Students are asked to sign the Reading Committee Meeting Assessment Form to confirm that the document accurately reflects the discussion and recommendations made at the meeting.  Students may also add their own comments to the form after the assessment has been communicated to them. The student should retain a copy of the form for their records and submit a copy to the Graduate Office at