Master of Applied Science (MASc)

Milica Radisic and studentThe MASc is ideal if you aspire to a rewarding career in research – whether in academia or industry – and is a stepping stone to a doctoral (PhD) degree.  Exceptional students can fast-track to the PhD program before completing their MASc.

All MASc students are required to complete a thesis under the supervision of one of our faculty members, as well a number of courses. The program must be completed on a full-time basis. Students should familiarize themselves with the information provided in the links below. Students are responsible for ensuring they meet the degree requirements, appropriate deadlines, and any other regulations throughout the duration of their program.


Collaborative Specializations (optional):

Students in the MASc or PhD program may choose to concurrently complete a collaborative specialization:

Collaborative Specialization
Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular Sciences
Engineering Education
Environmental Studies
Environment and Health
Genome Biology and Bioinformatics
Global Health (U of T Global Scholar)
Next-Generation Precision Medicine

Emphasis (optional):

Students in the MASc or PhD program may choose to complete their program with an Emphasis in Sustainable Energy.

Students in a Collaborative specialization or Emphasis must satisfy the requirements of the Collaborative specialization of Emphasis in addition to this Department’s requirements.  A course/courses may count simultaneously towards both a student’s MASc or PhD degree and a Collaborative specialization or Emphasis.  Careful course planning and consultation with both the ChemE Graduate Administrator and the Collaborative specialization or Emphasis Advisor is recommended.