MASc Timeline

Below is the typical progress through the MASc program.  A student’s progress may vary, and students are encouraged to discuss their progress regularly with their supervisor(s).  Normally a student will publish one to two journal articles by the end of their MASc program.

Year 1

  • CHE2222H – Safety Training Workshop prior to starting research in the lab
  • JDE1000H – Ethics in Research in either the Fall or Winter session
  • CHE1102H – Research Methods and Project Execution
  • CHE3001H – Seminar in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry in both the Fall and Winter sessions
  • CHE3012Y – MASc Research  (reading committee meeting) – within 9 months of beginning the program
  • One to two academic courses
  • Prepare/submit one journal article for a peer-reviewed journal

Year 2

  • CHE3001H – Seminar in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry in both the Fall and Winter sessions
  • Any remaining academic courses
  • Finish writing and defend thesis at a MASc Departmental Oral Examination – please submit the request form a minimum of 5 business days prior to the examination
  • Submit one or two journal articles to peer-reviewed journals

After each session, the Departmental Graduate Studies Committee will consider the cases of those students who fail a graduate course.  Students who accumulate two failed grades will be required to withdraw unless extenuating circumstances exist.

Students whose research work is unsatisfactory in the opinion of their supervisor, and/or who have not completed the degree requirements after 6 sessions (24 months) may have their progress to date assessed by a review committee. The committee has complete authority to recommend the termination of a student’s degree program if adequate progress is not demonstrated.

We understand that challenging circumstances sometimes arise, and can get in the way of academic success.  If you are experiencing academic, personal, or professional difficulties that make maintaining adequate progress in your program difficult, please contact the Graduate Office staff.  We treat all such inquiries with discretion and can connect you with the many resources and support services available to you as a graduate student.