MASc Finishing Up

The Department must make a degree recommendation to SGS before a student’s degree may be considered complete.  In order for the Department to make this recommendation, the following items must be completed:

  1. The supervisor informs the Graduate Administrator via email that any required thesis corrections/modifications have been made
  2. The Graduate Administrator reviews the student’s file to ensure that degree requirements have been met
  3. The student returns any items borrowed from the Department or their supervisor (e.g., keys, fobs, Health & Safety materials, etc.)
  4. MASc students submit their thesis to the School of Graduate Studies (see Producing Your Thesis for information on how to format the document, as well as submission forms and uploading your final thesis through). The expectation is that all MASc theses will be published according to University of Toronto policies. In the rare case, when a thesis is also the subject of patent, we will consider embargoing a thesis for 1-2 years. A published thesis will not stop you from publishing a paper in a peer-reviewed journal. Students requesting an embargo must submit a  Restricted Release Form the Graduate Office.
  5. The student submits an electronic copy of the thesis to the Graduate Office.  The supervisor will pay for any costs incurred for any hardcopies required.


Please review SGS’s Program Completion page for information on relevant deadlines, final fees, producing and submitting your Thesis, graduation, convocation, and services available to you beyond graduation.

Entering the PhD Program directly after completing the MASc

Students who complete an MASc in the Department of Chemical Engineering and wish to begin a PhD in the department immediately after finishing their master’s, are to apply for PhD admission through the SGS Admission Application System.  Please contact either the Graduate Assistant for information on the most expedient way to apply for admission.