August 11, 2022: Planning for the 2022-23 academic year

Dear Administrative and Technical Staff,

With the start of the new academic year, this Fall our Department will be welcoming more than 900 undergraduate and graduate students, including nearly 250 new students, to start their in-person training and education. Following two years of pandemic, many of our students will rely on our support more than ever to transition to campus life. In addition, 2022-23 is a new beginning for our Department. We have 10 new staff and 6 new faculty members who have joined (or yet to join) us since 2020. This is unprecedented and creates both new opportunities and unique challenges.

For these reasons and in preparation for the arrival of our students, I encourage you to fully return to in-person work starting September 1 to better assist our students and faculty, to support each other, and equally important, to rekindle the community for which our Department is known. Please meet with your managers to plan for a seamless transition to the Fall term.

As the top chemical engineering department in Canada and one of the finest in the world, we remain committed to providing an outstanding learning experience for our students and an exceptional working environment for our staff and faculty. I count on your help to achieve these goals.