ChemE alumna Laura Burget named to U of T News list of startups to watch

NIU BODY, co-founded by ChemE alumna Laura Burget (ChemE 1T6), was recently named to the U of T News list of top 10 U of T startups to watch: 

(Photo: Roberta Baker)

Co-founded by chemical engineering alumna Laura Burget, NIU BODY, creates skin-care products that are all-natural yet affordable.

Burget was inspired to start the company after taking a course on entrepreneurship and small business in her fourth year. She teamed up with Connie Lo, who has a background in business and accounting, and launched the company with an initial budget of only $4,000.

In just two years, the number of retailers carrying NIU BODY’s products swelled from one to over 300.

“Consumers are demanding better quality, more natural ingredients and at an affordable price,” Burget told U of T News in September. “Our company’s mission is to create natural skin-care products that won’t break the bank.”

Burget credited her U of T engineering degree with her credibility in the business world.

“When I tell manufacturers and investors I have a chemical engineering degree, it tells them I know what I’m talking about and what I’m capable of.”

Read more about Laura’s entrepreneurship journey so far and how NIU BODY is innovating the natural beauty space: NIU BODY was rebranded to Three Ships in August 2020.