ChemE Future Leaders: Shariq Naveed (ChemE 2T1+PEY)

The youngest member of a tightknit family, Shariq Naveed (ChemE 2T1+PEY) was born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan. Needless to say, it was a big decision to leave his family behind to pursue his studies at U of T, but one he is definitely happy to have made. “Moving to a new country for university was a little daunting at first, but has been such an amazing adventure so far.” Before coming to the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry, Shariq excelled at his high school in Pakistan, being named Student of the Year prior to graduation. “I’ve always been a very social person, and I love being involved in different clubs. I’m a class representative for U of T’s student chapter of the Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers (CSChE). I’m also a member of the Skule Art Club executive, and a co-director for the University of Toronto Engineering Kompetition (UTEK). I love mentorship, so I’ve been a part of the ChemE Mentorship Club as a mentor for three first year students.” Shariq has also spent time teaching in underprivileged schools, leading welfare projects for small villages and making craft products to sell at fundraisers. He has also been a WWF eco-intern where he was able to explore his interest in environmental issues.

What made you choose ChemE?

I have always had a love for science, and in particular for chemistry. It was my strongest subject growing up. But I’m also very interested in working in industry. Chemical engineering seemed like the perfect way for me to pursue my passion for chemistry while still having plenty of opportunities to apply the skills I’m developing to real world problems. Chemical engineering is a vast field with so many different career paths to choose from, which is something I’m finding really exciting as I start looking for a PEY placement.

How has your experience in ChemE prepared you for PEY Co-op and beyond?

Starting university as an international student was a big leap for me. Initially, it was a bit of a struggle in terms of getting used to a new city and country, keeping up with my classes, and getting used to the weather in Canada! I feel like I’ve grown so much as a student over the past two years. In particular, ChemE has taught me how to manage multiple deadlines without feeling overwhelmed. I’ve also been exposed to so much group work that I think I’ve become so much better at collaborating and interpersonally.

What industry would you like to work in and why?

I would like to work in a polymer plant or in the food production industry, specifically in manufacturing. Taking courses like Organic Chemistry, Process Dynamics and Process Engineering provided a stepping stone for me to pursue these fields. Currently I am taking the Applied Polymer Chemistry (IV) course and will take the Food Engineering course next semester to further enhance my knowledge and expertise on these topics. I’m really intrigued by manufacturing because it ties what I’ve learned in university to real-world applications. I also hope to pursue a minor in advanced manufacturing. I think it will be really exciting and rewarding to have a positive impact on the lives of so many different people by helping to create the products they use on a day-to-day basis.

Why should somebody hire you?

I am a keen learner, and I love taking on new challenges. When I’m assigned a task, I put everything I have into making sure that it’s done properly. I believe that I work really well with others, and that enable me to settle in well in a variety of different environments. I enjoy working on group projects, and I’m very detail oriented. Constantly improving is important to me, and you know you’re always going to get my best effort on anything I’m assigned.


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