ChemE international student on why he chose U of T Engineering

Photo credit: Liz Do

Each year, hundreds of top students from around the world choose to study at U of T Engineering. International applications have increase by more than 40 per cent over the last three years, and international students now make up more than a quarter of the undergraduate population.

This growing interest reflects both the Faculty’s global reputation and the many opportunities afforded to U of T Engineering students, both before and after graduation. In addition to the work-integrated learning offered through U of T Engineering’s Professional Experience Year Co-op (PEY Co-op) program, international students can work up to three years in Canada after completing their degrees.

Kaushal Binani (ChemE 2T0), from India, recently shared his thoughts on choosing U of T Engineering, his student experience so far, and his engineering career aspirations.

Canada’s reputation as a welcoming and diverse country was a major factor in his choice of schools. What ultimately swayed him was “considering international reputation, campus location, and post-graduation career prospects,” says Binani, who is originally from Mumbai. “U of T Engineering checked off all of those boxes.”

Binani says he’s especially enjoyed his interactions with his course professors. “I quickly realized that even a short conversation with a professor can teach me things no textbook can,” he says.

As an international student, Binani acknowledges that his academic journey has had challenges, including adjusting to living in a new country and balancing studies and personal time — but says it’s led to personal and professional growth.

“I strongly believe that studying and living in Toronto has made me a more responsible and independent person,” he says. “I’ve also gotten so much exposure to different cultures, which has helped me gain a broader worldview.”

Over the last three years, Binani has immersed himself in business and finance courses in pursuit of an Engineering Business certificate, as he hopes to use these competencies to one day start his own chemical manufacturing company.

“I feel academically equipped and ready to start my career and solve future business problems,” he says.

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