Made-in-Canada lab-grown meat one step closer with funding for ChemE researchers

Peter Stogios, Research Manager, BioZone Protein Crystallization Facility Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and Research Associate Meena Venkatesan in their lab at the University of Toronto on Wednesday February 20, 2019. (Frank Gunn / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

A group of ChemE researchers will soon attempt to develop a less-expensive way to grow lab-made meat after securing a grant from an American non-profit aiming to boost advances in cultured protein.

Cellular agriculture has been touted as the future of food thanks to its smaller environmental footprint and consideration for animal welfare, but until recently much of the research has been done south of the border.

Cultured food uses cell cultures to grow animal products like beef, eggs or milk in a laboratory without the need for livestock. Some companies have already made these kinds of products, but it’s an expensive undertaking and no such items are readily available on store shelves yet.

“This is our, my first foray into this kind of research,” said Peter Stogios, a senior research associate at the University of Toronto and lead researcher on the winning project.

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