March 14, 2022: ChemE re-opening update

Dear ChemE community,

The province entered the Roadmap Exit Step of its Reopening Plan on March 1, 2022, and as a result, many public health restrictions have been relaxed or removed. The EHS COVID-19 page has been updated: Policies and procedures will continue to be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.

The current status is as follows:

  • Masks are still required everywhere indoors on campus, with recommended masks being medical/surgical ASTM level 2 at minimum (N95s and KN95s are above this standard)
  • Health screening i.e. UCheck ( for all members of the community including faculty, staff, students, visitors and contractors remains required
  • Enhanced cleaning is still required until further notice
    • The weekend access protocol for research remains in effect
  • Maintaining 2m physical distancing where food and beverages are consumed remains recommended. In ChemE, this includes:
    • Meeting rooms where food and beverages are served
    • Common rooms and lounges
    • Offices (both staff and research)
    • Computational/dry labs
    • Food must be pre-packaged for each consumer, no buffets or pizza until further notice
  • 2m physical distancing in the following spaces is no longer required:
    • Instructional spaces
    • Study spaces
    • Research labs
    • Meeting rooms where food and beverages are not consumed
    • Offices where food and beverages are not consumed
    • Washrooms
  • The University has suspended the use of the following tools:
    • RAOR (Request to Access On-Campus Research)
    • General Assessment Tool (GAT)
    • EAT (Event Assessment Tool)
    • SAT (Student Society General Assessment Tool)
    • SEAT (Student Society Event Assessment Tool)
    • In their place, organizers of on-campus activities should use the COVID-19 Safety List for planning
  • Contact tracing is no longer required:
    • Maintaining SharePoint calendars is no longer required
    • Submitting attendee lists for meetings is no longer required

Thank you,