Student Life Catalyst Award 2019

The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry is now accepting nominations for the Student Life Catalyst Awards, sponsored by the Department’s faculty and staff. These awards seek to recognize deserving undergraduate and graduate students who are convocating for their significant contributions to the student life experience at the Department. Such contributions include undertaking formal leadership positions, initiating new programs or activities, providing significant support to existing activities and/or providing a positive example to which current and future students should aspire.

To be considered, the nominee must be eligible to graduate at spring convocation (spring or fall for graduate students), provide a 300-word personal statement on student-life contributions made, and a 100-word citation to be read at the Spring Convocation Reception (if chosen as a recipient).

The deadline to submit nominations is Friday, May 17 for undergrads and grad students. Applications may be submitted in hard copy to Jen Hsu in WB218 or in soft copy to

The winners will each receive a stunning award, which they can place on their shelf, mantel or desk at home, as well as have their names engraved on the plaque wall by WB215. This is an excellent honour to include on ones resume/cv.