PhD Final Oral Examination

Final Oral Examination

Candidates may proceed to the FOE upon either:

  1. the recommendation of the supervisory committee (suggested); OR
  2. the successful completion of the departmental oral exam.

8 weeks before the FOE

  • The student should have their abstract and thesis ready for the oral defense. Students should request approval from their supervisor.
  • The student’s supervisor will have a proposed external examiner/appraiser who has agreed to serve on the exam. SGS will require a CV from the external appraiser in order to approve their appointment.
  • The completes the PhD Final Oral Exam Request, and notifies once submitted. The student (with the help of their supervisor) will provide the following on the form:
    1. Name and Email addresses of Reading (Supervisory) Committee members attending the exam. Up to 3 can be voting members. Any additional reading committee members attending the exam will be non-voting members.
    2. Name and Email of at least one Internal (arms-length) Examiner. If the External Examiner/Appraiser will not be attending the oral exam, a second Internal (arms-length) Examiner must be secured and indicated on the form.
    3. External Examiner/Appraiser Nominee details (needs to be approved by SGS) including:
      1. Name
      2. Email
      3. Institutional affiliation
      4. Area of specialty
      5. Website
      6. CV

                        Note: if SGS requests additional information on the External Examiner/Appraiser, the Grad Admin will notify the supervisor.

    1. Tentative d, if known.
    2. Thesis abstract
  • If/when the External Examiner/Appraiser is approved, the Grad Admin notifies the supervisor and

Note: Candidate cannot contact External Examiner/Appraiser prior to the exam

6+ weeks before the exam

  • If not already done, the student along with their supervisor identifies the date and time of the FOE and provides this to the Grad Admin. If the exam will be conducted in person, the Graduate Office will work with SGS to confirm a room.
  • Upon approval of the external examiner, the graduate office will distribute the student’s thesis to the external appraiser and exam committee members.

Two weeks before the exam

  • The external examiner will submit a written appraisal of the thesis to the graduate office. This appraisal will be distributed to the student, the exam committee and SGS.
  • The student is encouraged to prepare responses to critiques raised by the external examiner.





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