Biomolecular and Biomedical Engineering

enzymeThe Biomolecular and Biomedical Engineering cluster applies chemical engineering principles to biological phenomena with a particular emphasis on topics of biomedical interest and relevance to human health. Our research interests span the gamut from molecular scale phenomena, single molecule biophysics, polymer science, drug delivery, stem cell biology, to pre-clinical applications, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine. We are developing biomaterials for tissue engineering and drug delivery applications, examining how to control cell growth and differentiation, as well as studying single molecule phenomena. We are creating stimuli-responsive biodegradable and biostable polymers. We are investigating both cellular and tissue response to our materials, which allows students to gain a breadth of understanding in cell biology and polymer science. We are developing novel integrated single molecule functional imaging tools and techniques that address basic questions related to the physical, chemical, mechanical, and electronic properties of biological materials and how they impact their functional characteristics and performance.

Cluster Members:

ChemEOther departments and organizations
Cluster Leader: Chris Yip (ChemE, BME)
E.J. Acosta
Y.L. Cheng
F. Gu
R. Mahadevan
E.R. Master
A.P. McGuigan
M. Radisic (BME, ChemE)
M. Sefton (ChemE, BME)
M.S. Shoichet (ChemE, BME, Donnelly)
R. Sodhi
A.F. Yakunin
P. Santerre (BME)
K.A. Woodhouse (Queens U)
P. Zandstra (BME)