PhD Degree Requirements

Thesis Requirement

A research thesis of no more than 200 pages, which involves an original contribution to knowledge, written and defended in an acceptable manner. The PhD candidate must defend their thesis through the Final Oral Examination.

Oral Examinations and Reading (Supervisory) Committee Meetings

Throughout the PhD program, oral examinations and committee meetings are held.  For the types of meetings and when they are to be held, visit the PhD Timeline page.

Academic Course Requirements

Student entering the PhD program after completion of a Master’s degree:

  • A minimum of 4 half-credit (H) courses – normally taken from Engineering or Physical Science departments.
    • A maximum of 1 half-credit (H) course in the Faculty of Management Studies or Engineering Management (ELITE) may be taken.
    • No 500-level courses may be taken without pre-approval by both the Supervisor and Graduate Coordinator

Students entering the PhD program after transferring into the PhD from the MASc program (Fast-Track) OR after completing a Bachelor’s degree (Direct-Entry):

  • A minimum of 6 half-credit (H) courses over the entire program – normally taken from Engineering or Physical Science departments.
    • 1 must be Fundamental
    • A maximum of 1 half-credit (H) course in the Rotman School of Management or Engineering Management (ELITE) may be taken.
    • A maximum of 1 half-credit (H) 500 level course may be taken.

Students in a collaborative program must satisfy the requirements of the Collaborative program in addition to this Department’s requirements.  A course/courses may count simultaneously towards both a student’s PhD degree and a collaborative program.  Careful course planning and consultation with the Collaborative Program is recommended.

Seminar Course Requirements

CHE2222H: Safety Training – once, in the first session of study prior to beginning work in the lab

JDE1000H: Ethics in Research – once, typically in the first Fall or Winter session of study

CHE1102H – Research Methods and Project Execution – once, typically in the second or third session of study. Please note: letter grade assigned to course.*

CHE300xH:  Seminars in Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry – 8 times, i.e., each Fall and Winter session in the first four years of study **

* Students in the Biomedical Collaborative program can choose to take BME1477H instead.
** New students take an additional set of seminars (“How to become an Outstanding Graduate Student”), which are integrated with the CHE300xH seminars.

Course Selection and Enrollment

Graduate Course Categories

Graduate Timetable and Course Descriptions 

Course Enrolment through ACORN/ROSI

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