Aseem Partap Singh Gill wins the 2021-22 PEY Co-op Student of the Year Award

Aseem Partap Singh GillThe PEY Co-op Student of the Year Award recognizes a PEY Co-op student who demonstrated excellence in the workplace. Employers nominate students for this award. The 2021-22 winners were just announced. Two students were recognized including ChemE fourth-year student, Aseem Partap Singh Gill.

Aseem spent his 2021-22 co-op term at the University of British Columbia (UBC), working on developing a novel method for the synthesis of PEM water electrolysis membranes. His work resulted in a successful method, and he published his work in August 2022.

“I’m honoured to receive this award, and I’d like to thank Dr. Jason Kwan, Dr. David Wilkinson, and Dr. Baizeng Fang for guiding me throughout my work term at UBC and giving me an opportunity to excel. For my next step, I’ll be beginning my Ph.D. at the University of Toronto this coming May, where I’ll be working on applying deep learning techniques for the discovery of novel materials for sustainability applications,” says Aseem.

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