ChemE celebrates the graduation of 129 students

Spring Convocation 2023
L-R: Ramin Farnood, Chris Yip, Molly Shoichet, Arthur Chan, Greg Evans, Joseph Paradi, Claire Kennedy, Grant Allen, Levente Diosady, Don Kirk, Tracey Peters, Krishna Mahadevan, Mark Kortschot

The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) at the University of Toronto is delighted to congratulate the exceptional group of 92 undergraduate students and 37 graduate students who have successfully completed their studies and graduated this year. ChemE takes immense pride in their accomplishments and wishes them all the best as they embark on their diverse careers and endeavours.

The graduation ceremony, held on June 20, 2023, was a momentous occasion that saw the participation of numerous esteemed professors from ChemE. The academic procession was a testament to the strong bonds forged between students and faculty throughout their educational journey. The overwhelming interest and support from the faculty were evident, as there was a waitlist of professors who eagerly wished to be part of the procession and witness the students’ well-deserved success.

Professor Ramin Farnood, Chair of ChemE, expressed his immense pride in the graduating class and offered his heartfelt congratulations. He remarked, “It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the new alumni of our department. Their dedication, hard work, and intellectual curiosity have been truly remarkable. We hope that they will stay connected with us and with each other, drawing on their experiences and knowledge to make significant contributions in their respective fields. We wish them all the success!”

The ceremony also presented an opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements and service of notable alumni. Among the recipients of an honorary degree was Claire Kennedy (ChemE 8T9), an esteemed alumna who is recognized as one of Canada’s top tax lawyers and who has displayed an unwavering commitment to the University of Toronto through various contributions including serving as the co-chair of the Defy Gravity Campaign. ChemE is proud to have alumni like Claire, who exemplify excellence and serve as an inspiration to future generations of students.

The Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto remains committed to nurturing the next generation of leaders in the field of chemical engineering. With its distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive community, the department continues to provide an exceptional educational experience and empowers its graduates to drive innovation and make a positive impact on society.