ChemE demonstrates unwavering support for prospective students and alumni

Welcome to Engineering 2023
Just some of the extraordinary volunteers who went out of their way to meet prospective students during Welcome to Engineering 2023.

On Sunday, May 28, the Department of Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry (ChemE) witnessed an inspiring display of camaraderie as its vibrant chemmunity rallied together to welcome prospective undergraduate students for the upcoming academic year. The event, aptly named “Welcome to Engineering,” showcased the department’s commitment to fostering a nurturing and inclusive environment for future engineers.

Professors, staff, and over a dozen of current students and esteemed representatives from various labs within ChemE came together to ensure that the prospective students felt the warmth and excitement that defines the chemmunity. Presentation of ChemE’s state-of-the-art facilities were given by enthusiastic lab representatives, who provided invaluable insights into the department’s cutting-edge research and innovation. This hands-on experience left a lasting impression on the prospective students, as they witnessed firsthand the incredible opportunities that await them at ChemE.

The presence of the department’s leadership further highlighted the commitment of ChemE to the success and growth of its students. Professors Ramin Farnood (Chair) and Jennifer Farmer (Associate Chair, Undergraduate Student Experience) graciously devoted their time to address questions, offer advice, and promote the exceptional chemical engineering & applied chemistry program at the University of Toronto. Their attendance reassured the prospective students that they would be joining a community of passionate individuals dedicated to their academic and personal development.

As if their dedication to prospective students wasn’t impressive enough, the chemmunity is gearing up to extend a warm welcome to its esteemed alumni during the upcoming Alumni Reunion on Saturday, June 3. Many of the individuals who participated in the “Welcome to Engineering” event will once again come together to celebrate the accomplishments and memories of the department’s graduates. This intergenerational gathering promises to be a joyful reunion of past and present, fostering connections that transcend time and highlighting the enduring strength of the ChemE family.

Professor Farnood, expressed his gratitude for the remarkable support shown by the chemmunity, stating, “Our department prides itself on fostering a sense of belonging among our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The overwhelming turnout at the ‘Welcome to Engineering’ event demonstrates our commitment to excellence, collaboration, and mentorship. We are excited to welcome the next generation of engineers to our family and look forward to reconnecting with our alumni during reunion weekend.”

With the success of the “Welcome to Engineering” event and the anticipation surrounding the upcoming Alumni Reunion, it is clear that ChemE continues to thrive as a hub of academic excellence and professional growth.