ChemE Researchers Continue to Shine in 2021



ChemE faculty and their labs continue to produce groundbreaking research in energy, the environment, and health through the integration of chemistry, biology and engineering to drive solutions to global challenges. A global leader in the field of chemical engineering, the Department is once again ranked 1st in Canada and 26th in the world in 2021 for academic reputation and research impact by the QS World University Rankings. The following is a list of the Department’s research output in 2021, as reported by faculty.

Grant Allen

  • Stephens, S., Mahadevan, K. and Allen, D.G. “Engineering Photosynthetic Processes for Sustainable Chemical Production: A Review”. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8: 610723, 2021
  • Ghazisaidi, H., Garcia, R.A., Tran, H.N., Yuan, R. and Allen, D.G.  “Enhancing Biosludge Dewaterabilty with Hemoglobin from Waste Blood as a Bioflocculant”, Polymers 12:275502767, 2021

Gisele Azimi

  • Kim, J.*, Azimi, G., “The CO2 sequestration by supercritical carbonation of electric arc furnace slag,” Journal of CO2 Utilization, 52, 101667 (2021)
  • Dong, T.*, Ng, K.L.*, Wang, Y.*, Voznyy, O., Azimi, G., “Solid electrolyte interphase engineering for aqueous aluminum metal batteries: a critical evaluation,” Advanced Energy Materials, 11, 20, 2100077 (2021)
  • Chan, K.H.*, Anawati, J.*, Malik, M.*, Azimi, G., “Recovery of lithium, cobalt, nickel, and manganese from waste lithium-ion battery of electric vehicles,” ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 9, 12, 4398–4410 (2021)
  • Kunanusont, N.*, Zhang, J.*, Watada, K.*, Shimoyama, Y., Azimi, G., “Effect of organophosphorus ligands on supercritical extraction of neodymium from NdFeB magnet,” Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 170, 105128 (2021)

Arthur Chan

  • Wang, S.*, Takhar, M.*, Zhao, Y., Al Rashdi, L.*, and Chan, A. W. H.: Dynamic Oxidative Potential of Organic Aerosol from Heated Cooking Oil. ACS Earth Space Chem., 5, 5, 1150 – 1162, 2021
  • Takhar, M.*, Li, Y., and Chan, A. W. H.: Characterization of secondary organic aerosol from heated-cooking-oil emissions: evolution in composition and volatility, Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 5137–5149,, 2021

Greg Evans

  • Liu, Q., & Sweeney, J., & Evans, G. (2021, July), Exploring Self-directed Learning Among Engineering Undergraduates in the Extensive Online Instruction Environment During the COVID-19 Pandemic Paper presented at 2021 ASEE Virtual Annual Conference Content Access, Virtual Conference.

Frank Gu

  • Holmes A, Ngan A, Gu F. Selective removal of Se through selenate specific photocatalytic reduction over TiO2 in the presence of nitrate and sulfate in mine-impacted water. Chemosphere. (Accepted in 2021)
  • Chen PZ, Bobrovitz N, Premji Z, Koopmans M, Fisman DN, Gu F. Heterogeneity in transmissibility and shedding SARS-CoV-2 via droplets and aerosols. eLife (Accepted in 2021)
  • Chen P, Bobrovitz N, Premji Z, Koopmans M, Fisman D, Gu F. Understanding why superspreading drives COVID-19 but not pandemic H1N1. Lancet Infectious Disease. (Accepted in 2021)
  • Chen P, Bobrovitz N, Premji Z, Koopmans M, Fisman D, Gu F. Heterogeneity in transmissibility and shedding SARS-CoV-2 via droplets and aerosols. eLife. 2021;10:e65774 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.65774
  • Clasky A, Watchorn J, Chen P, Gu F. From prevention to diagnosis and treatment: biomedical applications of metal nanoparticle-hydrogel composites. Acta Biomaterialia. 2021. 122:1-25

Charles Jia

  • Tao Li, Donald W Kirk, Charles Q Jia, (2021) Monolithic Wood Biochar as Functional Material for Sustainability, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering 99 (3), 640-656

Krishna Mahadevan

  • A. Pandit, E. Harrison, R. Mahadevan, “Engineering Escherichia coli for the Utilization of Ethylene Glycol”, Microbial Cell Factories, 2021, 20(1), 1-17

Emma Master

  • Haddad Momeni M, Fredslund F, Bissaro B, Raji O, Vuong TV, Meier S, Nielsen TS, Lombard V, Guigliarelli B, Biaso F, Haon M, Grisel S, Henrissat B, Welner DH, Master ER, Berrin JG, Abou Hachem M. 2021
    Discovery of fungal oligosaccharide-oxidising flavo-enzymes with previously unknown substrates, redox-activity profiles and interplay with LPMOs. Nat Commun. 12:2132
  • Yan R, Wang W, Vuong TV, Xiu Y, Skarina T, Di Leo R, Gatenholm P, Toriz G, Tenkanen M, Stogios PJ, Master ER. 2021
    Structural characterization of the family GH115 α-glucuronidase from Amphibacillus xylanus yields insight into its coordinated action with α-arabinofuranosidases. N. Biotechnol. 62:49-56

Alison McGuigan

  • An Engineered Patient-Derived Tumor Organoid Model That Can Be Disassembled to Study Cellular Responses in a Graded 3D Microenvironment, Natalie Landon-Brace, Jose L. Cadavid, Simon Latour, Ileana L. Co, Darren Rodenhizer, Nancy T. Li, Nila C. Wu, Eryn Bugbee, Aleks Chebotarev, Ji Zhang, Bradly G. Wouters, Alison P. McGuigan, Advanced Functional Materials 2021 (in press)

Roger Newman

  • A. F. Ebrahimy, B. Langelier, and R.C. Newman, Probing the surface chemistry of nanoporous gold via electrochemical characterization and Atom Probe Tomography. Nanomaterials, 11, 1002 (2021)
  • V.A. Nguyen and R.C. Newman, A comprehensive modelling and experimental approach to study the diffusion-controlled dissolution in pitting corrosion. Corrosion Science, 186, 109461 (2021)
  • Y. Xie, D.M. Artymowicz, P.P. Lopes, A. Aiello, D. Wang, J.L. Hart, E. Anber, M.L. Taheri, H. Zhuang, R.C. Newman, and K. Sieradzki, A percolation theory for designing corrosion-resistant alloys. Nature Materials, (2021)
  • A. Ashrafriahi, A.F. Ebrahimy, V. Ramsundar, A. Korinek, and R.C. Newman, New insights into the stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel in ethanolic media. Materials and Corrosion, 72, 517 (2021)

Elodie Passeport

  • Wu L., Suchana S., Flick R., Kümmel S., Richnow H., Passeport E.* Carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen stable isotope fractionation allow characterizing the reaction mechanisms of 1H-benzotriazole aqueous phototransformation. (2021) Water Research. 203:117519
  • Smyth K., Drake J., Li Y., Rochman C., Van Seters T., Passeport E.* Bioretention cells remove microplastics from urban stormwater. (2021). Water Research. 191:116785

Arun Ramchandran

  • A. Farahvash, S. Marafon, V. Juncal, N. Figueiredo, A. Ramachandran, R. H. Muni, “Effects of tamponade type used in rhegmatogenous retinal detachment repair on the ensuing retinal displacement: A Computer Simulation Model”, submitted to Acta Ophthalmologica (2021) [4.2]
  • A. Farahvash, S. Marafon, V. Juncal, N. Figueiredo, A. Ramachandran, R. H. Muni, “Understanding the Mechanism of Retinal Displacement Following Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment Repair: A Computer Simulation Model”, accepted in Acta Ophthalmologica (2021) [4.2]
  • T. M. Ho, A. Razzaghi, A. Ramachandran and K. S. Mikkonen, “Emulsion characterization via microfluidic devices: A review on interfacial tension and stability to coalescence”, accepted in Adv. Colloid Int. Sci. (2021) [12.1]
  • S. Borkar and A. Ramachandran, “Substrate colonization by an emulsion drop prior to wetting”, Nat. Commun. 12, 5734 (2021) [12.8]
  • W. W. Lee, A. Ramachandran, H. Hamli, L. C. Escaf, A. Bansal, and R. H. Muni, “Immediate subretinal fluid displacement from the buoyant force of a small gas bubble in pneumatic retinopexy: Insights into the potential mechanism of retinal displacement following retinal detachment repair”, Retinal Cases and Brief Reports (2021) [0.79]
  • S. Chakraborty and A. Ramachandran, “A macrotransport equation for the Hele-Shaw flow of suspensions”, J. Fluid Mech. 924 (2021) [3.9]
  • W. Gao, N. Vaezzadeh, K. Chow, H. Chen, P. Lavender, M. D. Jeronimo, A. McAllister, O. Laselva, J. –X. Jiang, B. K. Gage, S. Ogawa, A. Ramachandran, C. E. Bear, G. M. Keller, and A. Günther, “One-Step Formation of Protein-Based Tubular Structures for Functional Devices and Tissues”, Advanced Healthcare Materials 10, 2001746 (2021) [9.0]

Molly Shoichet

  • Rizwan M; Baker AEG; Shoichet MS. 2021 “Designing hydrogels for 3D cell culture using dynamic covalent crosslinking” Advanced Healthcare Materials, special issue on “Advances in Biomaterials in the last decade”, 2100234: 1-23; doi: 10.1002/adhm.202100234
  • Bahlmann LC; Baker AEG; Xue A; Liu S; Meier-Merziger M; Karakas D; Zhu L; Co I; Zhao S; Chin AA; McGuigan A; Kuruvilla J; Laister RC; Shoichet MS. 2021 “Gelatin-hyaluronan click-crosslinked cryogels elucidate human macrophage invasion behaviour” Advanced Functional Materials, 2008400: 1-18;
  • Baker AEG; Ballios BG; Ing ST; Yan P; Gan NY; Cooke MJ; Wolfer J; Ortin-Martinez A; van der Kooy D; Devenyi R; Shoichet MS. 2021″Stable oxime-crosslinked hyaluronan-based hydrogel as a biomimetic vitreous substitute”, Biomaterials, 271: 120750; doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2021.120750
  • Letko Khait, N.; Ho, E.; Shoichet, M.S. 2021 “Wielding the double-edged sword of inflammation: building biomaterial-based strategies for immunomodulation in ischemic stroke treatment”, Advanced Functional Materials, special issue on Advanced Materials for Drug Delivery and Theranostics. 2010674: 1-32; doi: 10.1002/adfm.202010674
  • Guilhamon, P.; Kushida, M.; Nikolic, A.; Singhal, D.; MacLeod, G.; Tonekaboni, S.A.; Cavalli, F.M.G.; Arlidge, C.; Rajakulendran, N.; Rastegar, N.; Hao, X.; Hassam, R.; Smith, L.J.; Whetstone, H.; Coutinho, F.J.; Nadorp, B.; Ellestad, K.I.; Luchman, H.A.; Chan, J.A.; Shoichet, M.S.; Taylor, M.D.; Haibe-Kains, B.; Weiss, S.; Angers, S.; Gallo, M.; Dirks, P.B.; Lupien, M. 2021 “Single-cell chromatin accessibility of glioblastoma identifies invasive cancer stem cell linked to lower survival” eLife, 10:e64090; doi: 10.7554/eLife.64090

Ning Yan

  • Xiaozhen Ma, Chang Zhang, Pitchaimari Gnanasekar, Peng Xiao, Qing Luo, Shuqi Li, Dongdong Qin, Tao Chen, Jing Chen, Jin Zhu, Ning Yan, “Mechanically robust, solar-driven, and degradable lignin-based polyurethane adsorbent for efficient crude oil spill remediation”, Chemical Engineering Journal, 415, 128956, 2021.

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