Grad Shout Out: Amardeep Singh

In this Grad Shout Out, we talk to Amardeep Singh, a recent MEng graduate who completed a Biomanufacturing emphasis.


What are you currently working on?

Currently, I’m focusing on a few online projects in the areas of AI, research, manufacturing, and development. My major roles are vested in two companies, Deepgram and Lambda Function. I’m also preparing for a few professional certifications and finding time to compete in online hackathons.

How did completing an MEng help you?

Having an MEng has been important when connecting with professionals and applying for other certifications. It has also allowed for opportunities to work on interesting projects.

Do you have any advice for students completing a Biomanufacturing emphasis or MEng degree?

One key piece of advice for those taking the emphasis or degree – always go beyond what is being taught! Also, find ways to connect course projects to a professional portfolio (it will benefit you after graduation!).

Reflecting on your experiences completing your MEng, what is something that helped you get through the difficult times?

The clubs, competitions, and the supportive network at the University all played a crucial role in keeping things stable when times were difficult – hugely grateful to the professors and administrative staff.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?

I intend to gain more experience in the industry in technical roles, while also bringing some of my start-up ideas to life. After that, I hope to return to school to complete a PhD.


Thanks, Amardeep!