ILead Summer Fellowship campaign featuring second year ChemE student Darsh Jain

The Troost ILead Summer Fellowship brings together engaging student leaders who are driven to improve their club or organization, as well as themselves as leaders. The Summer Fellows support each in exploring and developing their leaderships skills through various workshops, discussions and hands-on work. This tight knit community also helps one another with addressing key challenges in their club or organization through peer feedback.

In Troost ILead’s latest recruitment campaign for the 2022 Fellowship, 2nd year ChemE student and UT BIOME’s Co-managing Director, Darsh Jain, has been featured.

To drive change at UT BIOME, Darsh became a Summer Fellow to streamline the framework for fabrication and prototyping of UT BIOME projects to have a real-world impact and to compete in engineering competitions.

Learn more about Darsh’s experience as a Fellow.

Applications for the 2022 Fellowship are opened as of Monday, March 28th and close on Sunday, April 24th at 11:59pm ET.

See the Troost ILead page for more information.