Iron Ring 2023

Iron Ring 2023

On Saturday, March 4 our fourth-year students received their Iron Rings.

Money raised through the ChemE GRADitude Campaign helped fund their celebrations that evening. A total of $2,639.40 was raised prior to the day, and an additional $1,465 was raised through an auction at the Iron Ring Party for a grand total of $4,104.40.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign including students, faculty, staff, and friends. Fundraising milestones achieved were:

  • Professor & Chair Ramin Farnood dancing in a dinosaur costume;
  • Professor Jennifer Farmer dying her hair green and receiving a tattoo; and
  • Professor Daniela Galatro singing at the beginning of the party and later getting pied in the face.

Congratulations to all our students who received their Iron Ring this year!

Iron Ring Party 2023