Professor Gisele Azimi honoured by Faculty with Early Career Teaching Award

Sixteen Engineering faculty and staff have been honoured for their outstanding contributions to U of T Engineering with teaching, research, and administrative staff awards. These awards recognize exceptional faculty and staff members for their leadership, citizenship, innovation and contributions to the Faculty’s teaching, service, and research missions.

This year, Professor Gisele Azimi (ChemE, MSE) was honoured with the Early Career Teaching Award.

""Early Career Teaching Award

Recognizing an early career educator who has demonstrated exceptional classroom instruction and teaching methods.

Since joining the Faculty in 2014, Gisele Azimi has taught four undergraduate courses in ChemE and MSE. She has done tremendous work in building and continuously improving these courses each year, with new content, materials, and assignments. In addition, she has made outstanding contributions to APS490: Multidisciplinary Capstone Design, supervising two groups of fourth-year engineering students from different disciplines working on projects focused on design and development in small rural communities. In 2019-20, she supervised a group of students who designed a solar power system for a remote indigenous community in Costa Rica, travelling with them to the community and advising the students throughout the course term. Azimi is a member of MSE’s Teaching Methods and Resources Committee, as well as the Undergraduate Curriculum Committees in both ChemE and MSE. She has used the knowledge developed in these committees to create linkages between her course content and other relevant courses across the curriculum. Azimi has received the ChemE Bill Burgess Teacher of the Year Award for Large Classes and the MSE Impact Teacher of the Year Award.

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