Seven ChemE students receive 2021 University of Toronto Student Leadership Awards

Seven ChemE students have been awarded a 2021 University of Toronto Student Leadership Award (UTSLA). The University of Toronto Student Leadership Award continues U of T’s long-standing tradition of recognizing outstanding student leadership, service, and commitment to the university:


""Esmeralda Bukuroshi (ChemE PhD 2T1)

“I recently defended my PhD thesis on material engineering for organic solar cells under the supervision of Professor Bender, where I leveraged small molecule chemistry and various characterization tools to molecularly design, synthesize and explore materials with emergent properties. Shortly after, I joined Ontario Health as a Senior Analyst for Innovation to support the assessment of new technologies that increase provincial COVID-19 diagnostic capacity ensuring compatibility within Ontario’s lab infrastructure and alignment with Ontario’s COVID-19 testing strategies. I am very grateful for all the research and extra-curricular opportunities that were presented to me throughout my PhD, for all the amazing friendships that started at Wallberg, for all the stellar student leaders of ChemEng who continue to charter new grounds for enhanced student programming, and for all the ChemEng and faculty leadership that worked with me on various graduate student initiatives.”


Allan Cheung (ChemE 2T0 + PEY)

Allan has focused his leadership initiatives around providing students with networking and career growth opportunities during his time with the Society of Petroleum Engineers – U of T Chapter, previously as their VP Marketing, VP Operations, Executive Vice President, and President. Currently, he is the lead aerodynamicist for the U of T Blue Sky Solar Racing team, where he is leading R&D efforts on improving high-fidelity simulations through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling for the upcoming 2021 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and 2022 American Solar Challenge. As a former intern at Bombardier Aerospace and Honda, Allan plans on furthering his studies in the areas of turbulence modelling, combustion modelling, and aerodynamics post-graduation.


""Samantha Cheung (ChemE PhD 2T1)

“After graduation, my goal is to continue prioritizing 1) the wellness of myself and those around me and 2) a more inclusive and sustainable future through impactful research in the biotech industry.”




""Fletcher Han (ChemE 2T0 + PEY)

“As an incoming Schwarzman Scholar, next year I will be pursuing a leadership-focused Master of Global Affairs at Tsinghua University in Bejing, China – a prestigious and highly competitive scholarship modeled after the Rhodes (read more about it here). Afterwards, I hope to explore a career in consulting where I can combine my strong problem-solving skills that I have developed throughout my engineering studies with my high-level understanding of global institutions and their role in our constantly evolving geopolitical landscape.”


""Alicia Hill-Turner (ChemE 2T0 + PEY)

“After graduation I will be starting full-time employment as a Data Analytics Associate for ZS Associates, a consulting firm located in downtown Toronto. My long-term goals include obtaining my MBA and eventually starting my own company!”



""Saif Rjaibi (ChemE 2T1)

Saif is passionate about building student community and mentorship. Next year, he will be pursuing graduate studies where he aspires to advance human health through bioengineering. Although his residence time in the undergraduate program is soon complete, his love for the chemmunity remains unbounded.



""Muskan Sethi (ChemE 2T0 + PEY)

Muskan has held over 15 positions within SkuleTM and impacted over 9,000 students through her work as Residence Advisor for Girls Leadership Engineering Experience (GLEE) to Chemical Engineering Representative at the EngSoc Board of Directors and Vice-Chair Logistics for Engineering Orientation 1T8. With the combined skill set of a leader and engineer, she is looking forward to making ripples in sustainability, policy-making, and global development.