Three alumni recognized with the 2021 Arbor Award

The University of Toronto is profoundly grateful to the 2021 Arbor Award recipients. These leading members of the University community have played an important role in advancing U of T as one of the world’s great institutions of higher learning and advanced research. This year’s group of recipients include Heba Chehade (ChemE 0T0), Narmeen Haq (ChemE 0T8), and Daryl Wilson (ChemE 8T2).

Heba has been the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering’s regional ambassador in the United Arab Emirates since 2010. She has spoken with hundreds of students over the years, and her passion for engineering has helped inspire many to pursue an education in the field. Since 2016, she has also supported the Faculty as an Engineering Admissions Assessor and in the last two years, has served as a Nominations Pitch Judge for the Hatchery NEST start-ups.

As a devoted volunteer with the Engineering Alumni Network, Narmeen played a crucial role in overseeing the Calgary chapter during a challenging period in the region. Since relocating to Berlin, Germany, she has offered outstanding help to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering in recruiting students and expanding its international alumni network in Europe.

Daryl has been a dedicated member of the board of advisors for the Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry since 2013, and has served as Chair since 2015. He has created significant impact for the department during his tenure, including helping lead its five-year strategic planning process and facilitating the implementation of the plan.

We invite you to view this short video from U of T President Meric Gertler thanking our volunteers who help elevate every facet of University life—from opening new horizons for our students to championing the work of our scholars and scientists.