Why some first-year students keep their options open with TrackOne

Alumnus Albert Huynh (ChemE 1T2 + PEY) enrolled in TrackOne because he loves to collect input and information before making big decisions.

“Having the option to delay the choice to pick a program while I learned more about the discipline was very much in line with my personality style,” he says. 

During that first year, Huynh was struck by engineering’s focus on design and applying knowledge of mathematics, sciences and technology into ways that could solve global problems. His interest in sustainable energy led him to choose chemical engineering at the end of his first year, but extracurricular opportunities within the Faculty would eventually ignite his passion for engineering education.  

After his studies, Huynh spent six years working at the Troost Institute for Leadership Education in Engineering (ILead) at U of T Engineering. And this past July, he started a new role as the North American lead for learning experience design at Shopify.   

There are so many ways of approaching problems and designing solutions,” says Huynh. “I’ve learned that the specific discipline you pick doesn’t actually matter all that much in terms of where you end up, but rather determines the approach that you take.”

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